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We now have a weekly post for music that BMTM wants to share to you, that we do not get the chance to do so on the single reviews. It's so amazing getting emails and messages from a whole variety of people with music they want to share; either their own or simply wanting to let me know about what they like.

So here is a new weekly update of what is surfacing around the world, that is waiting to be heard and is the start of something great for a songwriter or artist. Please share your own music or music you love for this whenever you can, can email or a drop a direct message over on instagram!

Amber T is still a teenager but is sounding just as confident and assured as artists double her age. Already getting plenty of airplay around the UK, the singer has even got a nod from Sir Elton John! This new single sounds wonderful, the production is so playful and Amber's vocals sound amazing and wiser than her years.

Written in regards to the extreme and toxic battle between the right and left in politics, it's a smashing debut by the rock group. It drives so well with its drumming, reinforcing the unhealthy state the governing of our world is right now. Fair play to the lads tackling the issue with a lot of conviction.

This epic pop number is delivered so well by Mazed, her first offering really is a great start. The atmospheric and theatre esq delivery makes the track stand out, it just feels epic and fits so perfectly in any climatic moment of any movie or play! Make sure to check out her very strong presence on her YouTube to find out more about the artist.

Robert O'Connor delivers a convincing single that sounds epic and his music seems like it will end up on some big playlists if he keeps showing his potential. There seems like this song is if the indie outfit Bears Den went more of an EDM path, which is obviously a good thing as that band are huge!

The band from Hull have new music out after the release of their impressive EP. The guitars on this sound incredibly infectious, with the vocals sounding very punk like in a way. Their sense of rhythm is something I always enjoy from the band, it really strives along with haste!

Ohhhhhh this riff that oozes into your ears is something you are going to love people. Classic rock vocals sound so strong on the song, the drumming a clear standout too. Based in Belfast, they are really sounding so comfortable in what they are doing.

Almost Sex deliver such a tech sounding song with such good use of synths. 'Charmer' sounds so mystical but futuristic, the cool beat and infectious vocals that kick in later is such an expected turn! The duo really bring it all together so well....very curious!

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